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BackPack Program 2017-2018

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Dear Parents/Guardians,


     South Winneshiek Elementary/Middle School is partnering with the Northeast Iowa Food Bank to provide the BackPack Program to students during the 2016-2017 school year.  The program begins in September and will continue through the school year.

    The BackPack Program is a free program that provides kid-friendly, non-perishable food for students most in-need, to eat over weekends and breaks when school meals are not available and there may be little or no food to eat.  Please carefully consider your family’s economic status and determine if this program is something needed by your child(ren).  If the BackPack Program is something your family depends upon, please complete the attached registration form.  If you are able to make do without this assistance, please allow this program to be used by others. 

    Items distributed in the BackPacks include cereal, peanut butter, shelf-stable milk, juice, fruit cups, pop-top meals, soup, vegetables, and granola bars.  The food will be distributed to your child at the end of the school day on Thursday.  Please explain to your child that the food must not be eaten or opened until they are home.  If this happens, your child may lose the privilege of participating in the program.

        Parents and guardians concerned with food allergies need to be aware that BackPack Program items may include ingredients such as nuts, soy, wheat, eggs and milk. The Northeast Iowa Food Bank and South Winneshiek Elementary/Middle School will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to food consumed.

    The Northeast Iowa Food Bank strives to include healthy and safe food. All food is labeled and sealed by the manufacturer.  While some products might be past the marked best-by date, we have worked with the manufacturer to ensure they are still safe to consume. If you open an item and notice a problem, please contact the Northeast Iowa Food Bank immediately. 




Alisha Rulapaugh                                                             Mary Kleve

Community Programs Coordinator                                  Elementary/Middle School Counselor

Northeast Iowa Food Bank                                              South Winneshiek

319-235-0507 ext 113                                                   563-532-9365  




The BackPack Program is a program of the
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