100 Days of School

South Winn Elementary Celebrates 100 Days January 2015

Student responses from Mrs. Huinker's students on a journaling page titled, "When I am 100 years old" included the following:
"I will marry Mrs. Huinker because she will be 100 too!"  Gavin F.
"I will take naps."  Carver W.
"I will be dead."  Elliot M. and Landon H.
"I will walk slow."  Ava F.
Student responses from Mrs. Zweibahmer's students on a "Before I am 100" Bucket List included the following:
"Get a puppy."  Avery M.
"Eat egg tortillas."  Hector A.
"Be SpongeBob."  Lauro G.
"Go see my new baby cousin because she is not born yet!"  Lauren O.
"Go to the beach."  Tegan D.
"Rest."  Cooper H.
"Go to the water park."  Diego G.
"Study numbers for college."  David A.
"Marry a man."  Aubree G.
"Have a van."  Haley F.
"I want to be smart."  Johannah H.
"I want to get Square Blankie back because he's at the Blankie Hospital to get fixed."  Zachary P.
"Watch a parent movie.  I have to be 18."  Lilly P.
"Race against another race car."  Kaden C.