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Marlys Lien Donation

Marlys Lien Donation to South Winneshiek

When South Winneshiek students pick up some new books in the school’s library,they will be reading some very special books. These books were donated in memory of Marlys Lien, a former SW librarian.  Marlys was a book store owner who spent the majority of her years sharing her love of books with kids of all ages. Her family found it fitting to donate books from her store to our school library. Her goal in life was to have a book in every child’s hands.  


After her retirement, this beloved story lady spent a lot of time volunteering and reading to students.  She shared her love of literacy by traveling and doing community outreach to spread the love of books. We love that her legacy will live on at South Winneshiek.


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I always say, "How to Build a Boat."   Stephen Wright