Middle School / Teacher

Image: Jodi Cardo

Jodi Cardo, English Language Learner - District

Image: Connie Franzen

Connie Franzen, Mathematics - Middle School

Image: Sheryl Holien

Sheryl Holien, Health and Physical Education - Elementary and Middle School

Image: Karin Ihde

Karin Ihde, Reading - Middle School

Image: Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson, Social Studies-Middle School and Technology Instructional Coach - District

Image: Mary Kleve

Mary Kleve, Guidance Counselor - Elementary and Middle School

Image: Melisa Jones-Hauschild

Melisa Jones-Hauschild, Business Education - Middle School and High School

Image: Nathan Miller

Nathan Miller, Instrumental Music - Middle School and High School

Image: Julie Nolte

Julie Nolte, Learning Disabilities - 7th and 8th Grades

Image: Jessica Peters

Jessica Peters, Language Arts - Middle School and Instructional Coach

Image: Penny Vagts

Penny Vagts, Learning Disabilities - DeSales and CFS

Image: Michael Wenthold

Michael Wenthold, Social Studies - High School and Talented and Gifted - District

Image: Marsha Winter

Marsha Winter, Reading Recovery/Title 1 Reading - Elementary and Middle School