Parent Teacher Schedule Letter and Instructions

The Parent-Teacher Conference Scheduler will become available at a date to be determined.

MIDDLE SCHOOL PARENTS - In order to have as many times available as possible for all parents, if you have more than one child in middle school, please sign up only 1 student. You will be able to visit with teachers about all your children at the same time. Also - it is not necessary to sign up for every teacher - only the ones you would like to discuss your child's progress with.

ELEMENTARY PARENTS - When you sign up, it will show a 10-minute time slot. Every other time slot has been blocked off, so your conference will actually be 20 minutes in length. Only schedule a conference time with your child’s assigned classroom teacher.

If a student has two separate parent contacts, only one parent contact is imported in the program. We have no control as to which parent is imported. If you cannot attend conferences together and you are not able to get in the program, please call the office and talk to Tiffany to set up a time for conferences.

You can go to the same links on a mobile device and the Web pages will be formatted for mobile instead of needing to zoom in to see what the text was on the pages before.

The step-by-step process is listed below. Should you need assistance or have any questions, please call the school at 532-9365 and ask for Tiffany, or send an email to

This is the same program we have used in the past,


In order to use the online Parent Teacher Conference scheduler, you will need to know your JMC Parent password. If you don’t know this, or have not set one up, please call Tiffany at 532-9365 to get the password for the online PTC Scheduler and get a JMC Parent password set up.

  • Click on Parent
  • Type in your child’s First and Last name in the respective boxes
  • Type in your JMC Parent password in the password box. If you don’t have one or have issues logging in, contact Tiffany at 532-9365 or email . Once signed in, click on the Schedule button to the right of your student’s class.
  • Choose a time from the available listed times.
  • Click Schedule Time Button and repeat for all classes you would like to have a conference with. (Elementary parents please only schedule with your child’s assigned teacher.)
  • If you need to cancel or change times, you can click on the Schedule button to the right of the class, and choose a different time or click Cancel appointment with this teacher. Make sure to click on Schedule time or your selection will not be saved.
  • You can print your appointment times if wanted and can have email reminders of your appointment as well.