S.O.D.A - Student's Opposed to Drugs and Alcohol

SODA Picnic Group 2015

SODA Picnic Group 2015 Bags Game

SODA Picnic Group 2015

Photos by Jess Peters SODA Advisor

This year's SODA Picnic was held Saturday, May 2nd at Calmar Lions Park. 

SODA Picnic Group 2015

South Winn's SODA group is off to a great start this year. We have 138 student members in grades 9-12; this makes up 61% of our school. Students will attend monthly meetings during Advisory time and have a chance to participate in any of the 13+ events on this year's schedule. Students who participate are awarded raffle tickets, and their names are then entered into prize drawings at the Christmas party and end-of-the-year picnic. This year's big prize is a flat screen TV.


SODA's Leadership Team is working with Helping Services of Northeast Iowa to promote healthy behaviors and offer students who struggle with addiction the resources they need in order to quit. Throughout the year, the SODA Leadership Team will present PSAs, videos and speakers to the entire student body. Topics include: "Alcohol and Your Brain", "Mental Health and Well-being (including depression and suicide)," "Teen Dating Violence and Healthy Relationships," and "Marijuana is Dangerous--Legal or Not." 


Please look for the SODA booth at football, volleyball, and basketball games this year, as we will be fundraising with our Half the Take drawing and SODA Fountain floats. We would like to extend our thanks to the families and local businesses who continue to support SODA and promote our mission. Your contributions are always appreciated. 


EVENTS for 2016-2017: