School Nurse

Brandi Hemesath, Nurse

Hello my name is Brandi Hemesath, BSN, RN. 

 I am the school nurse for South Winneshiek School District.  I provide health services to our preschool, elementary, middle school, and high school.  I am looking forward to serving the health needs of your child this year.

Reminder for all 9th grade students and parents:  Dental screenings must be completed and turn in ASAP.
My hours are 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM at the elementary building Monday through Friday.
If you need to leave a message or contact me, please call 563-532-9365.  If you need to fax health information to myself at school, please fax to 563-532-9855.


To best serve the needs of your child, would you kindly notify me if your child has any health concerns I should be aware of?  If your child is taking prescription medication, please complete the Prescription Medication Release Form and the Permission for Medication during School Hours form found on the school web site on the right side of the home page under the Forms tab.  
Additionally, students occasionally come to my office with head aches, cold symptoms, etc.  The school keeps a VERY limited supply of over the counter meds on hand for students.  If you would like your child to have an over the counter medication, please complete, sign and return the Parental Order Form for Over the Counter Medications also found under the Forms tab on the home page of the school's web site:
If your child requires an over the counter medication on a more regular basis (for example, anth-histamines), I would ask that you supply that medication since we do keep a very limited supply.
If you are unable to download and print the forms, simply contact me and I will mail them out to you.  
Please make certain your child's immunizations are up to date--there are specific requirements for kindergarteners and 7th graders.  If you have not updated these, please get them completed within the next few weeks.  If you have questions, please contact your child's medical provider.


Brandi Hemesath, BSN, RN
School Nurse
South Winneshiek Community School District

Health and Injury Information and Consent for Medical Treatment  PDF
Parent Letter for Head Injuries PDF

Heather Schellhorn, ATC, LAT
Winneshiek Medical Center 


School Nurse needs to be aware of reactions to food (eg. nut or peanut allergies), bug bites, and medications and the preferred treatment, and when EMS is to be contacted. (See Allergic Reaction Plan Form) Notify Nurse, Teacher, and kitchen staff of food allergies. Adult or pediatric Epi-pens need to be provided from home for possible severe reactions at school and school activities. We have students at both centers with peanut and tree nut allergies. Please read labels before sending treats to share at school.              Food Allergy Video Link


Allergy Jewelry/Asthama/Diabetes/Epilepsy
Click on the American Medical ID icon above or order economical medical alert ID bracelets from University of Iowa Childen's Hospital Safety Store, 
see for low-cost child safety products.

Alumni Immunization Records
Alumni Immunization Records are on file and available from the South Winneshiek for a period of seven years following graduation.  The school nurse can be contacted for a photo copy of the aformentioned classes or contact the health care providers utilized during your school years.   Immunization records have been returned to seniors prior to graduation checkout since 1984 with a cover letter describing the significance of this important personal health document.

Our students can carry their inhalers and administer this medication to themselves. Contact the school nurse for a form or download form for 
self-medication. Ossian Center has a donated nebulizer. Asthma student's family needs to provide the mask, tubing, and medication if treatments are necessary during school hours; also school/sports time inhalers.


For information, go to

Decorah Community Free Medical Clinic
604 W. Broadway, Decorah (563) 419-0962 Thursday evenings. Prospective patients register at the Fireside Room on the main floor west of First Lutheran Church, between 5 and 6 pm. No restrictions set on residency or income.  This clinic is first come-first serve and is only open for an hour.  

Dental Legislation
     HF 906 Dental screening prior to age of 6 and high school: Parents must provide evidence of completion of a dental screen within 60 days of the start of school.
Kindergarteners and incoming ninth grade students must submit signed official dental certificates from Iowa Dentists or Hygienists, containing the exam date to meet the new law requirement. Please take care of this mandate by Fall Registration and/or no later than first quarter.  (See FREE Dental Exam opportunities - next page)

Special Thanks for donations for unmet health needs of students. 

Emergency Equipment
Portable AED'S - automated external defibrillators are located near the school elevators at both attendance centers in Calmar and Ossian and a portable AED is available for varsity sport events.  

Emergency Forms
Blank forms are available on our school's website.  School Forms link

Employee Flu Clinic/Wellness Screening
Seasonal Flu Vaccinations for staff, TBD for 2016

Wellness Screening for South Winneshiek Staff members, TBD


Field Trips
Please provide your child wih an application of sunscreen and bug spray for outdoor field trips.  Be sure to make arrangements to take along their medications, asthama inhalers and Epi-pen.

Free Local Dental Clinic Day     HAVE A HEART DAY
Saturday, February 11, 2017 at Dental Associates of Decorah, 501 Sanford St., appointment - call 563-382-2441 for children ages 4 - 18 who have not seen a dentist recently.  Students can receive a free dental exam to meet enrollment requirement for kindergarten year and freshmen year in high school.  These dental exams include x-rays, cleaning, seals, and extractions if needed.  

Great Rivers 2-1-1   An Information and Referral and Crisis Line
Dial 2-1-1 or (800) 362-8255 Ty users dial (866) 884-3620  Language Interpretation Available  Free and Confidential, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Serves Western Wisconsin, Southeast Minnesota and Northeast Iowa.  Simply dial 2-1-1 to get help with life.
         Information About Area Resources:  Support Groups, Drug/Alcohol Abuse, Parenting Concerns, Food Resources, Housing, many other needs. 
       Crisis Line Services:  Suicidal Thoughts, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assualt, Child Abuse, Other Crisis Situations

Greater Area Food Pantry
Currently open Saturday mornings 9 - 11 a.m., 110 Main Street/alley in Calmar.  Open to anyone in southern Winneshiek County needing food, personal items and household supplies.

HAWK - I Insurance/(United Healthcare)
HAWK - I is free or low-cost federal health care coverage for children and teens under the age of 19 based on family income.  Call 1-800-257-8563 or go to  to apply or request an application need info on any health or dental coverage for just 6 months.  

Current Hawk - I flyers can be obtained from the school nurse at registration, open house, parent-teacher conferences, or anytime during the school year.  Health Forms-the required health forms can be downloaded on the school's website or at  United Healthcare™ is a partner in the HAWK-i program.  See United Healthcare or refer to front page box.

HAWK - I Dental Insurance
Hawk-I dental only started March 1, 2010. Families will have the choice to apply for the full hawk-i program or hawk-i dental. Hawk-i dental will provide the same dental benefits as those provided to children enrolled in the full Hawk-i program. Children who are covered by other insurance will not be required to drop the insurance in order to be eligible for hawk-i dental. The Hawk-i dental plan covers also covers orthodontia, but it must be deemed medically necessary. There are specific requirements that must be met and pre-approval is required. Dentists and orthodontists can contact Delta Dental of Iowa at 800-544-0718 for more information on the requirements.


Hearing Services
Keystone AEA Hearing Screenings are provided for students in  grades 1,2, and 7.  Only new students, referrals (hearing requests by parent, doctor, school staff), and those with known losses will have their hearing checked by AEA in the other grades each year. If you desire to have your child's hearing tested and they are not included in the above listing of students to be screened, parents may start the referral process by contacting the teacher, principal or school nurse.

Illnesses "Guide to Childhood Illness"

Immunization: Elementary/Secondary School Requirements - Winneshiek County Public Health conducts audits in October on all students immunization records.  All immunizations must be up to date for student enrollment @ South Winn.

Influenza vaccine recommendations

· Flu vaccines are recommended for everyone 6 months of age and older.

Children 6 months through 8 years receiving the flu vaccine for the first time require two doses of influenza vaccine (administered a minimum
Additional information can be found at

 LINK TO Immunization Chart    LINK To Immunization Certificate 

Kindergarten Enrollment Requirements: 
In addition to the required vaccination updates after age 4, the required dental screening by a dentist/hygienist, Kindegarten students must have had lead screening done in the past, and a professional eye exam is recommended by our state.  Use the official documents provided in your orientation health packets.

Is a federal/state program that provides to eligible individuals based upon either income status or disability status.  The state pays approximately one-third of Medicaid costs with the federal government picking up the remaining cost.

Medication/ OTC (over the counter)
It's advisable to notify the school nurse when students are on prescription medication, regardless if taken during or after school hours. The drug side effects may be apparent during school hours and will help with health assessments done by the nurse.   Please provide your childs Over The Counter medications when you sign the medication consent form (eg. Tylenol, Ibuprofen pain relievers, cough drops, etc) It is helpful to send a note when last dose of medicine was given at home.  School does not give extra "strength medications" unless doctor ordered and provided by the parent.

School Surveillance Program
The School Nurse is participating in weekly county and statewide program that tracks illness-specific absenteeism.  It is most helpful when you report your students absence to describe symptoms experienced to aid in determining if it's respiratory or gastric illness. The terms "sick" or "flu" are inadequate to categorize on report forms.

Snacks for Healthy Students/Wellness
Links to the Healthy Kids Act Parents Guide and Foods Encouraged to Bring From Home,  Healthy Kids

Supplemental Food For Students - Back Pack Program
Weekly non-perishable, supplemental food (at no cost to parents) to take home on weekends in backpacks during the school year.  Inquire at the South Winneshiek Elem/M.S. Office, Ossian also at CFS Centers in Spillville and Calmar and at De Sales, Ossian attendance centers.

Teen Line 
Not a crisis or hotline.  The line is a free service of the Iowa Department of Health and answered 24 hours a day.  1-800-443-8336.   

Vision Screening at Ossian Center
Screenings for Elementary students will be provided this year by Oneota Valley Eyecare, Decorah, IA.  The dates for these screenings will be determined at a later date.

(See vision assessment under Vision Service Plans link