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PLTW Video by Mr. Drucker

PLTW - Project Lead the Way Courses

Included in the Governor’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education initiative is Project Lead The Way (the nation’s leading provider of rigorous STEM education).

PLTW’s comprehensive curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, creativity, innovation, and real-world problem solving.  All of this emphasis are the skills that employers desire in their employees.  

South Winneshiek High School is proud to offer the first of the three PLTW classes to its students this year.  Principles of Engineering (POE) is being taught by Jason Drucker; it was open to any student 9-12 who wanted to be the first students to work with hands-on projects and activities that help them understand how the information and and skills they are learning in math and science can be applied to real life.  Students are encouraged to find solutions to problems, work in teams, and are ultimately better prepared for the 21st Century workforce.

Our school needs your help:  The PLTW Partnership Team.

The Project Lead The Way Partnership Team, is a key component of PLTW, and is one of the best sources of community support for the PLTW instructors and SWHS.  The success of PLTW programs is made possible by the large dedicated local and national network of volunteers and supporters.  The support from the area’s leading businesses and industries ensures that our program and our students are successful.  Forward looking business leaders realize PLTW’s value and are playing a key role in the program’s success, recognizing that the caliber of tomorrow’s workers depends upon the effectiveness of their education.

As a member of the PLTW Partnership Team you can:

  • Act as a point of contact for local schools.

  • Help arrange a class field trip to your facility.

  • Speak at an engineering career day

  • Provide job shadows, internships or co-ops.

  • Spend a day/period teaching in the classroom.

  • Provide mentors to students.

  • Teacher in the workplace opportunities.

  • Donate materials, equipment, time, and experience.

  • Promote the program as a benefit to our community.

Anything you can do, big or small that helps students become more engaged in STEM learning and creates a more dynamic experience for these students is priceless!

PLTW:  A Win-Win for Your Students, Schools, and Community

*Please contact Mr. Kris Einck, SW Superintendent & 9-12 Principal if you are interested in becoming a partner.

563-562-3226 SWHS