Purchasing NICC Textbooks – HS Students & Parents

Beginning Fall 2021 students will be required to order and pay for NICC college course textbooks and materials. Below are some helpful items to help obtain the books you will need for your classes. NICC uses an online bookstore that you can use to order your books or obtain the required textbook information and order from wherever you choose.

If you qualify for free or reduced lunches through the 2021-22 Iowa Application for Free & Reduced Price Meals you will be eligible for financial assistance for purchasing textbooks and materials. Please see Lindsey Haas in the district office for additional information.

The Fall 2021 textbooks will not be available to purchase from the online bookstore until July 12, 2021.  A complete list of textbooks, including ISBN and current estimated cost, is available on the bookstore website (https://www.nicc.edu/bookstore/| Located under – Fall 2021 Booklist).

Important Reminders:

  • ●Pay special attention to shipping timelines as you will want to be prepared for the first day of class
  • ●Review return policy when purchasing items in case you decide to drop a course
  • ●Do not open shrink wrapped textbooks until the first day of class once you have confirmed you will stay enrolled in the class.
  • ●Do not scratch off access code cards until the first day of class once you have confirmed you will stay enrolled in the class.
  • ●Customer Service is available online.

Ordering Guide:




Textbook Availability Dates:

Fall 2021 – July 12, 2021

Spring 2022 – December 5, 2021


Online Customer Service:



When ordering textbooks for NICC courses offered at the high school from NICC’s online bookstore this course information will be needed:

Course Code Section # Course Title Instructor
BIO112 75002 General Biology I Kearney, Kevin
BUS204 75001 Professionalism in the Workplace Roys, Carolyn
CIS450 75003 Computer Science Principles (PLTW) Conway, Scott
CON111 75003 Basic Drafting Bakewell, Paul
ENG105 75044 Composition I Straube, Kurt
ENG105 75045 Composition I Straube, Kurt
HSC110 75006 Intro Health Occupations Svendsen, Joann
HSC114 75003 Medical Terminology Svendsen, Joann
HSC172 75006 Nurse aide Svendsen, Joann
MAT120 75001 College Algebra Emery, Laurie
MAT156 75005 Statistics Emery, Laurie
MKT183 75002 Customer Service Strategies Roys, Carolyn
PSY112 75101 Psych of Human Relations Conway, Scott
SDV135 75001 Job Seeking Skills Bakewell, Paul
SPC112 75017 Public Speaking Straube, Kurt
SPC112 75018 Public Speaking Straube, Kurt
WBL110 75018 Employability Skills Roys, Carolyn
WEL119 75002 Maintenance Welding Bakewell, Paul
WEL330 75003 Welding Fundamentals Bakewell, Paul
EGT400 75006 Intro Engineering Design (PLTW) Drucker, Jason

When purchasing textbooks and materials for NICC PICC courses (courses online or on the Calmar Campus) students will need their full course code (ex. AUT102-94201). This information is available in the student’s Brightspace account or by contacting Josh Shimak, NICC Success Coach (shimakj@nicc.edu).