Brandi Hemesath

Brandi Hemesath
Brandi Hemesath
School Nurse

Freshman Orientation Information

  1. Dental Screening Form (found in this tab: Registration Information)
    • Dental screenings for incoming freshman are state mandated. Please complete this form in time for school registration in August.
  2. Prescription Medication Release Form (found in this tab: Registration Information)
    • If you child needs to be administered prescription medication during school hours, this form must be filled out by the parent/guardian and signed by the physician. All prescription medication must come in the original prescription bottle. Also, all medications are kept in a secured area in the office and will be administered by school staff.
  3. Annual Health History Form (this can be done online)
    • This form allows the school to be up to date with any chronic health conditions and emergency contact information for your child.
  4. Over the Counter Medication Form (this can be done online)
    • This form allows the staff to administer your child over the counter medication if your child is ill. Your child will not be allowed to take any OTC medication without this form. If your child takes OTC medication on a regular basis, you must provide the school with your own bottle of medication. Your child will only be allowed 5 doses per year and then you will need to provide your own bottle.



I am the school nurse at South Winneshiek Community School District, serving both the Ossian and Calmar Centers. To best serve the needs of your child, please contact me if your child has health concerns that I should be aware of. If your child is taking prescription medication, please complete the Prescription Medication Form and the Permission for Medication During School Hours Form. Both of those forms can be found at this link: Registration Information

Additionally, students occasionally come to my office with head aches, cold symptoms, etc. The school keeps a VERY limited supply of over the counter meds on hand for students. If you would like your child to have an over the counter medication, please complete, sign and return the Parental Order Form for Over the Counter Medications also found under the Forms tab on the home page of the school's web site:

If your child requires an over the counter medication on a more regular basis (for example, anth-histamines), I would ask that you supply that medication since we do keep a very limited supply.

If you are unable to download and print the forms, simply contact me and I will mail them out to you.

Please make certain your child's immunizations are up to date–there are specific requirements for kindergarteners and 7th graders. If you have not updated these, please get them completed within the next few weeks. If you have questions, please contact your child's medical provider.

My hours are 7:45AM – 3:45PM, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns or want to provide an update.

Brandi Hemesath, BSN RN
School Nurse
South Winneshiek Community School District