The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act of 1986 (referred to as AHERA) was enacted to determine the extent of and develop solutions for any problems schools may have with asbestos.

We had our facilities inspected by a certified asbestos inspector, as required by AHERA. The inspector located, sampled, and rated the condition and hazard potential of material in our facilities suspected of containing asbestos. The inspection and laboratory analysis records were turned over to a certified management planner to develop asbestos management plans for our facilities. This notification letter, education and training of our employees, and a set of plans and procedures designed to minimize the disturbance of the asbestos containing materials, and plans for regular surveillance of the asbestos containing materials are a part of our efforts to meet USEPA regulations (AHERA).

A copy of the asbestos management plan is available for your inspection in our administrative offices during regular office hours. Inquiries regarding the plan should be directed to David Orvis, Asbestos Designated Person. We have implemented the asbestos management plan. It is our intent to comply with federal, state, and local regulations in this area. We plan on taking whatever steps are necessary to ensure your children and our employees have a healthy, safe environment in which to learn and work.