August 13, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

South Winneshiek Community School District
Board of Education Special Meeting Minutes
August 13, 2018

The August 13, 2018 regular board meeting of the South Winneshiek Community School. District Boardof Education was called to order at 6:06 pm by board president Wendy Mihm-Herold.The pledge of allegiance was recited.

Roll Call: Present: Patricia Schissel, Don Schroeder, Wendy Mihm-Herold, Jenny Johnson. Absent: Bob Busch

Moved by Schroeder and seconded by Schissel to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried unanimously.

At this point the board members completed a walk through of the Ossian building and grounds. They resumed back in the library at 6:43 pm.

Department Reports

  1. A buildings and grounds reports were provided by Jeff Schissel during the walk through.
  2. A transportation report was provided by Brian Swestka including discussion about gas vs propane buses and costs associated with each.
  3. A technology report was provided by Matt Baumann including an update on the new security system placed at the Ossian campus.

Discussion was held regarding consent items which include previous board minutes, financial reports,bills, open enrollment, appointments and resignations. Resignations: Alice Miller – Paraprofessional;Appointments: Alexis Reicks – Assistant Varsity Volleyball Coach Step I $2,511.75; Tammy Schmitt –Volunteer Cheer Coach; Jacob Ludeking – Substitute Bus Driver; Change in Appointments: Laurie Woggerman to a 11-month contract Paraeducator/Custodian/Bus Driver $10.70.

Moved by Schroeder and seconded by Johnson to approve the consent items. Motion carried.

President Mihm-Herold welcomed visitors.

Old Business:

  1. Moved by Johnson and seconded by Schissel to approve the second and final reading of board policies 705.2-707.4 Motion carried unanimously.
    1. 705.2​ Purchasing on Behalf of Employees – No change
    2. 705.3​ Payment for Goods and Services – No change
    3. 706.1​ Payroll Periods – No change
    4. 706.2​ Payroll Deductions -​ …​​Employees may elect to have payments withheld​ from their pay for items authorized by law, subject to agreement of the district.​​ for professional dues, district-related and mutually agreed upon group insurance coverage, and/r tax sheltered annuity programs. ​Requests for these deductions shall be made in writing to the superintendent. …
    5. 706.3​ Pay Deductions – ​New Mandatory Policy
      • The district provides leaves of absences to allow employees to be absent from work to attend to important matters outside of the workplace. As public employers, school districts are expected to record and monitor the work that employees perform and to conform to principles of public accountability in their compensation practices. Consistent with principles of public accountability, it is the policy of the district that,when an employee is absent from work for less than one work day and the employee does not use accrued leave for such absence, the employee’s pay will be reduced or the employee will be placed on leave without pay if:the employee has not sought permission to use paid leave for this partial-day absence,the employee has sought permission to use paid leave for this partial-day absence and permission has been denied, the employee’s accrued paid leave has been exhausted, or, the employee chooses to use leave without pay.In each case in which an employee is absent from work for part of a work day, a deduction from compensation will be made or the employee will be placed on leave without pay for a period of time which is equal to the employee’s absence from the employee’s regularly scheduled hours of work on that day.
    6.  707.1​ Secretary’s Report – No change
    7. 707.2​ Treasurer’s Annual Report – No change
    8. 707.3​ Publication of Financial Reports – No change
    9. 707.4​ Audit – No change

New Business:

  1. Moved by Schroeder and seconded by Johnson to approve the Elementary/Middle School Level I investigator as Jason Halverson, Principal with Mary Kleve, Guidance Counselor as alternate;High School Level I investigator as Kris Einck, Principal with Connie Euans, Guidance Counselor as alternate; Level II investigator for both sites will be the Calmar/Ossian Police. Motion carried unanimously.
  2. Moved by Johnson and seconded by Schissel to approve the contract with NICC for Concurrent enrollment and Health Occupations Academy. Motion carried unanimously.
  3. Moved by Schissel and seconded by Johnson to approve the Math, Reading and Science Goals for 2018-2019 as Reading 82%, Math 89% and Science of 89%. Motion carried unanimously. The board noted that South Winneshiek is able to accomplish these goals through our faculty and administration working together for the greater good of our students from the elementary on up through high school. Great work!
  4. Moved by Schroeder and seconded by Schissel to approve the out of state trips as follows:National Barrow Show, Austin, MN September 10; Mabel-Canton Livestock Judging – Prosper,MN, September 11​th​; National FFA Convention – Indianapolis, IN October 24-27; Philadelphia and New York Trip July 29- August 4, 2019. Motion carried unanimously.
  5. Moved by Johnson and seconded by Schroeder to approve the mileage rate of $0.39 per mile. Motion carried unanimously.
  6. Moved by Schissel and seconded by Johnson to set the September board meeting for Wednesday, September 5 at 6:00 pm in the Calmar Board Room. Motion carried unanimously.
  7. Moved by Schroder and seconded by Johnson to approve a loan equal to the fund balance after all audit adjustments are completed for the FY18 school year to the 3-year-old preschool account from the general fund with repayment by December 31 at 1% interest. Motion carried unanimously.
  8. Moved by Johnson and seconded by Schroeder to approve the amendment to the student handbook with the addition of “At the discretion of administration all passengers are required to wear seatbelts if the bus is equipped with seatbelts.” Motion carried unanimously.

Administrative reports were provided

  1. Mr. Einck shared an update to the South Winneshiek Web site of a tab called Social Media outlining website links featuring Facebook and twitter accounts for the district along with a link for the newly formed South Winneshiek Education Foundation (SWEF). SWEF was a conversion from the PTO to include services to the entire district without reducing any previous services that have been provided by the PTO to the elementary/middle school. Mr. Einck shared information on NICC Future Ready for Students and Community. NICC will be having a vote to extend their current tax levy on September 11th. This is not a new tax; the rate would not change. The money raised would be used to increase security on the Calmar campus, expansion of instructional technology; creation of flexible learning space, expand and improve public spaces, replace network servers, aging parking lots and HVAC systems; expansion of sustainability practices and renovation of instructional spaces including classrooms and labs. In2017 40% of the South Winneshiek High school graduates were enrolled at NICC to continue their education.


  1. Jenny Johnson gave her 30 days’ notice resigning from the South Winneshiek School Board. She stated “It has not been about me being a part of this board and what I can contribute but what this district can do for my kids that has truly touched me. I have not had any regrets for moving back to the area and having my kids attend South Winneshiek. You weren’t just their teachers, you made them life-long learners. You did that for me! Thank you, South Winneshiek teachers! I am a Warrior at heart and believe that South Winneshiek is the best district in all of Northeast Iowa!”

The next regular meeting of the South Winneshiek CSD will be Wednesday, September 5 at 6:00pm in the Calmar board room.

Moved by Schissel and seconded by Johnson to adjourn at 8:10 pm. Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted
Kris Smith -Board Secretary
Wendy Mihm-Herold – Board President