District Individual Speech Results @ Union High School 2.26.22

The South Winneshiek Individual Speech team participated at the district competition in Dysart on Saturday, February 11th. 12 students participated in a combined 18 events. This season has been particularly demanding for our students, given speech season coinciding with the rescheduling of our Spring play as well as a few days of inclement weather that locked us out of practice times. Like many other schools, we also had to schedule around Covid-related absences and regular, run-of-the-mill colds and flus. Despite all that, our students displayed the same work ethic, dedication, and drive I’ve come to expect from South Winn students. This group of students has an enthusiasm for the arts that can’t be stifled, and I’m extremely proud of the efforts they displayed on Saturday. We look forward to what comes next.
Our next competition will be the State Individual Speech Contest at Clear Lake on Saturday, March 12th.
The following students received Division I ratings in these events:
Quinn Kruckman: Solo Musical Theatre
Holly Schmitt: Storytelling
Evan Ellingson: Original Oratory and Expository Address
Annie Ondrashek: Expository Address
Autumn Schmitt: Poetry
Ashley Elsbernd: Spontaneous Speaking
Megan Hageman: Literary Program
These students received Division II or below in these events:
Julia Carnesi: Acting & Solo Musical Theatre
Holly Schmitt: Solo Musical Theatre
Quinn Kruckman: Original Oratory
Kalissa Schmelzer: Spontaneous Speaking
Annie Ondrashek: Solo Musical Theatre
Autumn Schmitt: Acting

Caylie Adam: Expository Address

Billie Wagner: Expository Address
Rachel Meyer: Original Oratory