FFA Fall Fruit Sale 2020

2020 Fall Fruit Sales have begun. Fruit orders are due Nov 9th. Traditional Fruit may be ordered through FFA Members and will arrive and be delivered the week of December 7th.

We also have a few new items that can also be ordered online, paid for online, and shipped right to your house (Shipping and Tax are added so this is best for nonlocal customers). This allows you to order from anywhere in the US and have contactless delivery. If you would like to order Candies, Meats Cheeses, and or Cookie Dough the order forms are included and can also be ordered online or locally with an FFA Member.
To order online with a ship to home option visit the website. https://shop.4sns.com/
Shoppers can enter in student ID’s to give credit to support a particular student or they can order with the South Winn FFA Chapter ID which is  31676. This is a NEW separate company than the traditional FFA Fruit you have been accustomed to from South Winn FFA.