September 13, 2021 School Board Meeting Minutes

The South Winneshiek CSD Board of Education held its regularly scheduled board meeting on September 13, 2021 in the Elementary/Middle School band room. The meeting was called to order buy board president Wendy Mihm-Herold at 5:30 pm. 

After the Pledge of Allegiance was recited, roll call took place; Present:  Craig Neuzil, Patricia Schissel, Wendy Mihm-Herold and Don Schroeder.  Ron Hemesath arrived at 5:32 pm.

Moved by Schroeder and seconded by Schissel to approve the board agenda as presented.  Motion carried unanimously. 

Review and discussion about previous board minutes, bills, appointments, resignations, open enrollments and donations took place. Moved by Schissel and seconded by Hemesath to approve the consent items as presented; Resignations: Dawn Amundson – Paraprofessional; Sandra Lien – Paraprofessional; Jessica McKone – Paraprofessional; Glenna Munuswamy – HS Play Director. Appointments: Jaden Boos – Paraprofessional AA/BA Step 4 $12.35; Meghan Herold – HS Play Director Step II $3821.40; Judy Miller – Superintendent Transportation Administrative Assistant $19.00; Jodi Nelson – Paraprofessional AA/BA Step 0 $11.75; Ashley Walz Paraprofessional AA/BA Step 0 $11.75. Motion carried unanimously. 

Mihm-Herold welcomed visitors. 

Jessica Peters and Wendy Huinker gave a presentation about the Regulation Room.  Students have been educated about the zones of regulation- what their current state of feelings are. They do their best learning when they are in the “green” zone, happy calm, feeling okay. There are many different reasons why they may be in another zone. Blue- feeling sad, tired, sick, bored. Yellow – frustrated, worried, silly, wiggly, excited, loss of some control; or Red – mildly angry, mean terrified, yelling, hitting or out of control.  The Regulation Room is a quiet room created for a student who identifies in the blue or yellow zone that may need up to 10 minutes to shift toward the green zone. There are various tools students can use such as fidget poppers, balance fidget toys, stress balls, books, music, etc. to help with their mood changes. Students are monitored by staff while in the Regulation Room and only one student at a time is allowed in the room.

Old Business:  None

New Business: 

  1. Moved by Neuzil and seconded by Schroeder to approve the resolution ordering a special election on the issuance of $19,155,000 General Obligation School Bonds.  Voting Aye: Schroeder, Neuzil, Schissel, Hemesath and Mihm-Herold. Motion carried unanimously. A petition requiring 217 signatures was required in order for the resolution to be brought to the school board.  There were 307 signatures presented to the board, 33 signatures were invalid due to the lack of a complete address. The petition was certified with 274 signatures from eligible electors of the South Winneshiek CSD. The petition and resolution will be submitted to the Winneshiek County auditor by Friday, September 17, 2021 for placement on the November 2, 2021 ballot.
  2. Moved by Schroeder and seconded by Hemesath to approve the engagement agreement with Ahlers & Cooney P.C as bond counsel. Motion carried unanimously. 
  3. Moved by Neuzil and seconded by Schroeder to approve out of state trips which include: 8th Grade to Lanesboro, MN; FFA to National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, IN; 2nd Grade to Niagra Cave, Harmony, MN. Motion carried unanimously. 
  4. Moved by Hemesath and seconded by Schroeder to approve the contracts between South Winneshiek and NICC for Senior Year Plus Program and the contract to enter into an Academy agreement with five school districts to provide a Technical Health Occupations Program for the 2021-2022 school year. Ayes: Hemesath, Schroeder, Schissel, Neuzil. Nays: None; Abstained: Mihm-Herold. Motion carried. 
  5. Moved by Neuzil and seconded by Schissel to approve the agreement with Morningside University for teacher education clinical experience.  Motion carried unanimously. 

Administrative reports were given by Mr. Einck and Mr. Halverson.  

Announcements: The next regular meeting will be October 11, 2021 in the boardroom in Calmar IA at 5:30pm.  

Moved by Neuzil and seconded by Hemesath to adjourn at 7:03 pm. Motion carried unanimously. 

Respectfully Submitted

Kris Smith                                                                  Wendy Mihm-Herold

Board Secretary                                                         Board President